40th anniversary

Honouring from Sant Feliu de Guíxols town hall to the old train that went from Sant Feliu to Girona, on the occasion of the forty years since the line was closed

Friday April 17, 2009 at eight o'clock, the last edition of the cultural magazine l'Arjau was released on the library of Sant Feliu, and it was dedicated in a monographic form to that old train of Sant Feliu on the occasion of its forty years of closing. The short “Un somni virtal” by Francesc Blanch and J. Carles Cardona, was showed during the act,  and it represented the trip from Sant Feliu to Girona, in addition, a model to scale of the old station of Sant Feliu made by Ignasi Griñón was showed. 

Inaugurated in 1892, that train from Sant Feliu de Guíxols to Gerona was only the beginning of the economical  development in those past years of change. An identifying element that changed the daily life of the citizens and the incoming generations. With this edition of l'Arjau, the train will remain in our memory, the closing of that line forty years ago, what did it mean to the people of Sant Feliu... However, this material became visible : documents, structuress, memories, etc. And mostly important, this magazine wants to show that this patrimony is able to become useful for the city: how could it be recovered, how it can be used to benefit the city.

Being a really useful element, the train was deactivated, and we don't know if we will enjoy its presence once again, since this kind of things are decided far away from here... But we must think about the future,  possible new projects that could catch the attention of more visitors, to improve the quality of life, to support the economical development. Talking about economical development, this line was unique. Its memory recover trough the recuperation of the tracks and the branch lines, and the creation of the shed as the main element could be a good addition to the cultural ring of the monastery. Elements that a decent museum should have concentrate on the port: the rests of a iberic village, the medieval port, Maritime Rescue, the bunker, the port's shed, the old branch line of the train, the sadly lost network painter… The creation of those two attraction poles, connected by a privileged path that goes around the bay, it will be a strong revulsive for sure.

L’Arjau has counted with a lot of colaborations that display form different points of view the legacy of the abandoned train of Sant Feliu. That's how Marc Auladell explains the value of that documentation of the old railroad company. Ignasi Griñón analyzed the closing of that line and commented the need of that service. Josep Carles Cardona explained his memories of that train and shows to us the virtual recreation of the "Carrilet" in the short "Un Somni Virtual" (a virtual dream) that was shown in occasion of the magazine presentation.. Josep Barberillo exposed the connecton project between the green truck and the port branchline. Rosa Mullor proposed a remade model of the shed, analyzing the building and the other models.  Emili Mató talked about the green truck consortium and the prepared actuations for Sant Feliu. The pictures display different details and moments of the life in the Sant Feliu train.

The animation movie “Un somni virtual” (a virtual dream) and the model of the Sant Feliu train station were seen fro 20 to 24 of the last April, in the cultural week space of activities organied by the town hall of Sant Feliu. The visit was for free and it congreged a lot of people! 

From 27 of April from 29 of May, the sample will be visitable in the right hours Monday-Friday in groups of ten persons, calling to the next telefon number: 972 322 593

Place: Space of acts of the archive and museum. You can enter through the entry nº 45-47 of the Girona road.



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